“The Message” 

Today was the hottest day of the year and i was on the top of the house where my birds were playing and waiting for the food. I saw and noticed that they are thirsty more than hungry

I imagined if there would no water on the earth then what will we do for our thirst. No doubt water is really a great blessing and most important need of this planet 

But unfortunately we don’t value of this blessing we use access of water daily across to our need and we don’t think for a second that this water is how much precious for those whose don’t have enough water for their thurst and need. 

I think it’s our responsibility to secure water and arrange that facility for others so that needy people facilitate with clean water and it will be definitely appreciated by those needy people and you get reward from Allah as well 

So, try to be helpful for others specially in these hottest days and some other abnormal days we all should try to arrange facilities like arrange water bottles for thirsty people, food boxes for hungry people and other comforts as well

It will be definitely a great sign of humanity with abundant numbers of blessings and rewards.. 


From My Art Gallery

Heart issues are also strange

Every pain is subtle

Longing to see him

A quest to keep him think

Is the Destiny of beats

It’s just a charismatic wish

Some day

In any gathering

Whenever he will meet

And will ask about my condition

Then I will say it’s like you

It is close to my soul, my heart



From My Art Gallery

Beloved is unique and calm..!!

If he doesn’t relieve your tiredness

In the meeting of few moments,

Either you are not lover

Or he is not beloved



From My Art Gallery

The scene of that meeting

That scene of special attention

That moment was probably of joy

Was the achievement of the eager heart

You and I drowned in the moments that have passed

That beautiful dream scene is always unspoken

A scene of togetherness hidden in the memory books

Where those shadows still glow in the forest bonfire



From My Art Gallery

It has been reported that the night of darkness has lengthened again

Heard that the town has become bloody again

Dear people who are standing in the face of oppression, stay well

Be sure that the hope of the morning is not lost yet

He who owns the heights of the heavens and the depths of the earth

He wants your patience and obedience

He is the only one around you

He is the heir of your courage

Just believe that one day the day will come that will last forever



From My Art Gallery

I have heard you for a long time

From miles away

In the fragrance of winds

In the mystery of your unspoken words, around your silences.

I have heard you for a long time

In the recesses of my solitude

With your imagination

In my irregular heartbeat and in the sound of rain

I have heard you for a long time

When you were nowhere

Even on remembering every time

You never awaited

Spreading my empty hands for prayer,

I have thought of you

O my beloved,

I have heard you for a long time

Do you ever come and listen to me once by breaking all the walls

© Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

She lived in a sequence with some random memories

She was a light with some endless darkness

Yes! She was also satisfied in the sea of anxiety

She was so curious that she used to listen to the words even in silence

She was optimistic with some unattainable destinations

She was a story with some unspoken fictions

She was vague but complete

May be

She was moonlight and agony



From My Art Gallery

To illuminate the windows of the imagination

I have deliberately made loneliness a resource

I have deliberately removed my eyes from every scene

Reasons are only around you

This is what I have told my heart constantly

The world understands that I am sad

But, in fact,

I have decorated this joyous gathering with great fanfare


Heart’s House

From My Art Gallery

Where the frost falls

Where the snow falls

Where the surroundings are fragrant

Where the dream’s shadows are illuminating

Where the healing tone whispers

Where, there is a special house

Yes! That’s where my heart is



From My Art Gallery

You change your direction towards cold winds

Still keeps me hooked

In the warmth of your feeling

If some more time is required,

Then let’s go


You live separately but

Flows with every breath

Just a simple message for you that

I have kept you in my heart forever



From My Art Gallery

For seeking of please

Why don’t we go and catch up the keys

Of the earth and the skies

So, Come

Meet me at midnight, in the forest of my dreams

We’ll make a fire and count the stars that shimmer above the trees