“The Message” 

Today was the hottest day of the year and i was on the top of the house where my birds were playing and waiting for the food. I saw and noticed that they are thirsty more than hungry

I imagined if there would no water on the earth then what will we do for our thirst. No doubt water is really a great blessing and most important need of this planet 

But unfortunately we don’t value of this blessing we use access of water daily across to our need and we don’t think for a second that this water is how much precious for those whose don’t have enough water for their thurst and need. 

I think it’s our responsibility to secure water and arrange that facility for others so that needy people facilitate with clean water and it will be definitely appreciated by those needy people and you get reward from Allah as well 

So, try to be helpful for others specially in these hottest days and some other abnormal days we all should try to arrange facilities like arrange water bottles for thirsty people, food boxes for hungry people and other comforts as well

It will be definitely a great sign of humanity with abundant numbers of blessings and rewards.. 

Sports Project

From My Art Gallery

Art is all about creation, few days before I was working on the sport project on the high voltage demand of my younger cousins and my nephew and now I’m glad for getting their appreciation and acceptance, that was difficult and challenging for me but now it seems great that they are exactly according to their demand.. ❣️

©️ Aarzu_words

Night Of Loneliness

Often in the night of loneliness,

I remember how many innocent desires used to dance in this heart, mostly it flew without wings.

There was a strange conflict,

Waiting of every special moment in the hours of morning and evening,

Often in the night of loneliness,

I wonder how much curiosity there was,

How much fun in the scenes of past,

When there were echo of silent conversations all around.

How precious that heart’s season was ever..

Often in the night of loneliness,

A sigh arises,

All that was between you and me, those unspoken, unheared stories,

The form of some joys, the conjecture of some dreams,

Now I’m swinging under the sky of those blissful memories..

©️ Aarzu_words

I’m not waiting


My art gallery

Who says I am waiting…

I am just lost in the moment,

when I used to smile because of you…

This is life a strange story of memories,

This is my heart where the light of your

remembrance shines from the evening,

a wonderful reality of imaginations..

Which radiance sometimes seen

in my eyes and sometimes in my words..

©️ Aarzu_words

Garden Of The Heart

Butterflies of memories often hovers over some green bushes on the walls of the heart, some are flying around bloom and withered flowers..

During this moment I repeat the talks of the heart.. all of sudden feel some fragrance of some talks, some accent touches the breathe,

some scenes sparkle in front of the eyes, then I realize that how much I was happy with you

The gardens of hearts are very strange, the blossoms of memories often fragrant the life and sometimes the thorns in them hurt the soul.

If you leave it desolate, you will stop breathing and if you stay for a long time there, it will become difficult to live


©️ Aarzu_words

The Penable Award 3

I immensely happy to announce that I have received 3rd pennable award nominated by my dear friend, a wonderful person and very talented Saba Niaz Siddiqui. Her enlighten blogs always give me a strength and light of hope for the best of life, she draw the nature with the colours of love and bliss and that is my favorite part of her blog so, do visit her blog sabaniazsiddique.home.blog you will find a versatile writer and blogger thank you


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My Answers

1: Where does peace really exist; heart or mind? Why/why not?

It’s truth that the eternal peace is always belongs to the heart and mind both but in my point of view the genuine peace is always in the heart because there is lord and this is enough when your heart is satisfied by the guidance of Allah, this is the only reason for the eternal peace of mind and heart 💖❣️💖

2: Share some of your childhood memories 😊

There is a lot of childhood memories, I always remember those trips of farm house, get together, birthday parties, school functions, debat and singing competitions and picnics with school friends and cousins… That era is the precious treasure for the lifetime memories , I often live in the trans of those unforgettable moments 💕💕

3: How to tie a tie?

Well it’s an art, This is what I have to learn now.. 🤔

As always I would like to nominate all of you wonderful people come and join this venture and write your answers it will be pleasure for me thank you so much for your love and support 💕💕

Aarzu ❣️

Vincent Ehindro Blogger Award 5

Hello everyone hope you are doing well and safe… Once again I would like to announce that I have received Vincent Ehindro Blogger Award 5 nominated by Ranjus travel blog… Thank you so much I’m grateful and humbled for this award guys do check her blog httpranjustraveldiaries.travel.blog you will find a perfect travel blogs and articles there

Rules are almost same

My Answers

Describe your writing style?

It’s beautiful

2) Do you plan your blogs or is it more so have free style?

I write in freestyle, I express my views and thoughts in very detail and I always would love to be a creative and professional writer

3) What is it that you enjoy most about being a blogger?

I always enjoy writing coz it’s my passion and along with I always enjoy reading the creative and interesting articles on wordpress and other forums

4) What is the best piece of advice you have ever received from someone?

Always try to write short details about your subject which is effective and meaningful

5) Do you see yourself blogging in 5 years?

Well I’m still learning and I would always wish to get the best and blessed level in the field of blogging and writing

6) What been the highlight of your year?

I think every moment, every minute of life is the highlight of emotions, happiness, sadness, celebrations, strength and happenings

7) What do you miss about last year?

Freely movement without worries

8) If you could change one thing what would it be?

Nothing… Human is very helpless to do this all the power is belongs to lord

9) Would you encourage your kids to become bloggers?

Will see when the time comes

10) If you could snap your fingers right now and change one think about the world what would that one thing be?

I would like to change the poverty and ignorance scene in the world

Thank you so much all for your love and appreciation stay blessed, keep writing, keep shining 💕

Aarzu ❣️

Love In Falling Leaves


When we were together,

In every season,

It was a magic,

There was a colour,

Even falling leaves also looked like the flowers of the springs


I still remember when we both of us had gone too far

In the season of that love we collected flowers of colorful desires

When the evening was fragrant with countless dreams

When the sound of the flute used to hit the heart

Then it happened, that the season of the heart changed and autumn covered all the places

Now love is scattered like yellow and brown leaves and we both are walking on them


©️ Aarzu_words

I’m the person of a big pack of feelings… 😇

Thank you so very much daneelyunus and insa batla for nominating me for this exited nomination that I’m so much excited to share my feelings with all of you….Thank you again I’m so much grateful and humbled and guys do check these blogs daneelyunus.com , insabatlablog.com you will definitely find a versatile writer and blogger thank you 🙂


List out 10 of your favorite feelings! It’s honestly just that simple!

My Most Favorite Feelings

💫 Tahajjud

After a long day when tiredness spreads in all over the existence then in this time I always found an eternal peace in the salawt of tahajjud.. It’s one of the best feeling that I can talk with lord in the silence of midnight and tell him all my heart’s stories

💫 Ramadan and Eid

I can’t express in words that how much I enjoy in the holy month of ramadan and then in eid… These months are the blending of happiness, blessings and prosperity not only for me, while for the whole Muslim Ummah

💫 Aerobic and Yoga

OK the next feeling is so much relaxing and healthy, yes I’m talking about aerobic and yoga.. staying fit is the most lovely feeling of mine

💫 Artistic

Feeling of being passionate is definitely a different kind of thing… As you all know that I’m an artist and I love to play with colours so, even I get sleepy or I get tired even I get off, I always love to do painting, sketching and drawing

💫 Care

My heart’s most precious feeling is always helping for others, I try to get this blessing by the depth of my heart… This one is most satisfying act of my life

💫 Cooking

Cooking is my childhood passion I always wanted to cook something with my mom and as usual she used to stopped me. And now I feel so happy to innovate different dishes with my personal style

💫 Rainy Season

Rainy season is my weakness… I love to enjoy in rain and this is very fascinating feeling for me

💫 Walking Alone

Sometimes you need silence in your around so, walking alone on the long road is the best way for this.. It’s really cool feeling for me to walk alone with peaceful mind

💫 Writing

Writing is one of the most peaceful feeling of mine, I used to write since my childhood if I say that writing is in my blood so that will not be wrong. Because, I got this skill from inherited and It’s very delightful feeling

💫 Family

Last but not least my family, everything for me.. I always want to be with them in any feeling, in any circumstances, they are my strength and the only reason of my every feeling

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart 💞💖💞 You all are most welcome in the nominees for sharing your feelings with me and all thank you so much 🙂

Aarzu ❣️


Whenever I used listen to you.. Dreams brightened in the pinky hue..

Whenever I used to think about you.. Happiness emerged in the mind of blue..

Whenever I used to talk with you.. Cool breeze rang in the morning view..

Whenever I used to argument with you.. Always awaited for the special and new..

Whenever I used to depressed with you.. together we forgot sadness and threw..

Whenever I used to dance with you.. We got drunk without brew..

Whenever I used to angry with you.. I did feel more care for you.

But, When we fell in love.. Then, We left each other and flew.. 🍃🍃🕊️🕊️🍃🍃

©️ Aarzu_words


Listen dear…. !!!

Your heart’s walls are very high

My voice will not let you reach

I’m here but all my words are silent

But when I will not at your heart’s doorsteps

Those walls will break, those moments will fade

Then you will find me alone in isolation My silence will not let you sleep…

And then, strange confusion of heart nor forgets, neither regrets because,

I still die on your carelessness


©️ Aarzu_words