“The Message” 

Today was the hottest day of the year and i was on the top of the house where my birds were playing and waiting for the food. I saw and noticed that they are thirsty more than hungry

I imagined if there would no water on the earth then what will we do for our thirst. No doubt water is really a great blessing and most important need of this planet 

But unfortunately we don’t value of this blessing we use access of water daily across to our need and we don’t think for a second that this water is how much precious for those whose don’t have enough water for their thurst and need. 

I think it’s our responsibility to secure water and arrange that facility for others so that needy people facilitate with clean water and it will be definitely appreciated by those needy people and you get reward from Allah as well 

So, try to be helpful for others specially in these hottest days and some other abnormal days we all should try to arrange facilities like arrange water bottles for thirsty people, food boxes for hungry people and other comforts as well

It will be definitely a great sign of humanity with abundant numbers of blessings and rewards.. 


From My Art Gallery

Let’s postpone all intentions,

let’s fade all distances,

let all the seasons be pleasing whenever you come before me,

let all paths turn towards you,

let’s illuminate all destinations together,

the story of my life will be attributed with your name,

let’s live together for a long time and every moment,

let’s celebrate an eternal togetherness

©️ Aarzu_words


My words once told me,

there is someone is hidden in your poetry,

you often write about his magical shades,

you often combine his imagination in the poems,

even you often lost yourself to find his presence around the thoughts,

that’s why from that time till now,

I’m just sinking into the depths of your eyes

© Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

The ease of a life that would have been possible

The life that would have been a distant paradise

In the land of dusty dreams

That would have you appeared for just a moment

I wish you would have realized this fact too

The journey towards the destination would have been more beautiful

Now I am with you in these soaking moments but like that

Your voice is like a healing wine, is resonating in my desolate soul

🖤 💛 🖤

©️ Aarzu_word


From My Art Gallery

He wraps the river in a jar, he is immortal, he is merciful

He makes every dream of the eyes come true, he is the owner, he is sovereign

He has the treasure of acceptance of prayers, he is the only one, he is eternal

He does not have the reckoning of blessings for us sinners

He is generous and helpful

He, The All-Hearing, He hears all our prayers and needs no intermediary to carry our prayers to Him

Allah said, “Call on Me and I will answer You” (Qur’an, 40:60)

The Eternal Inheritor

The Heir, The One whose Existence remains

The Possessor Of Majesty and Honour

The Lord of Majesty and Bounty

The One who deserves to be Exalted and not denied

There is no God Besides Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is messenger of Allah

💖 💖 💖

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

I remember that meeting was very short, yes but memorable

The chill in the atmosphere was hidden in the sadness of his eyes

It was like a beautiful magic when he was calling my name over and over again

In the streets of Spain, in the bazaars, he was with me, like the colors of a rainbow after rain

We made that short trip together as we walked the streets of Spain

Today, sitting in solitude, my heart beats in that moment

Where he and I were searching for each other in the shadow of the Spanish arches

The beauty of that scene is still bright in my eyes today

Echoes of those laughter still resonate in the hearings even today

Then it happened that we moved on in life and that evening of Spain was left behind


Your Loyal Lily

From My Art Gallery

In the desert of loneliness, I often walk on the dust of your separation,

Wrapping the freshness of those fertile moments in the gardens of the senses, trying to live life

The fragrance of your existence spreads on my doorsteps

Whenever your thoughts are absorbed in my imagination

And then the heart gets distracted by the desire to be close to you and it happens that it goes too far

O you who dwell in my heart where are you,

My imagination has made a special bouquet of your favorite lilies

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

Although, the confusions of life have tied up all the moments

Birds of dreams hover over the walls of the eyes

The sun rises, the evening sets, autumn comes and then spring smiles

The caravans of life are going on, but this heart is in somewhere

Where, there are a lot of your meaningful conversations are crowded around my hearings

My months and years are still waiting for you

When you had a free time, we used to talk a lot

Yes, a lot of time has passed

The planet of love separated from its orbit but even today, yes even today,

I go a long with you so far, walking in the imagination

©️ Aarzu_words

Black Coffee

From My Art Gallery

Time passes even today, Like cold nights

Your cold behavior is often remembered But the heart is not so selfish

That To forget those moments

To Being with whom, Life was like garden

Even in difficulties, I was sure to be happy

Dear, Even today those feelings are waiting

Yes. Now the style of love has changed

Now every anxiety of the heart has been relaxed

You will not come now, The heart is convinced

Even today your words resonate

Fragrance is all around me

In long cold nights, A mug of black coffee in my hands

Still waiting for your complaint today

Coffee and that alone, didn’t even ask?

The heart used to think that day

When you meet, we will drink this black coffee together

For a long time, a lot of talks will do

Yes, This black coffee has always been my favorite

And now is dearer

Yes, Now closer to my soul

Hey unaware,

for you, It is still waiting today

©️ Aarzu_words

The Greatest Name of Allah

From My Art Gallery

The Compassionate
The Most Merciful
The Sovereign
The Holy
The Absolute Ruler
The Source Of Peace
The Supervisor
The Owner
The Guardian
The Victorious
The All Merciful
He is the Greatest
He is Allah
©️ Aarzu_words


Let’s talk again in the morning, in the night

Let’s celebrate those moments

Once more in silence, in chaos

When we were in the magic of emotions,

When we were together in the cold, in the heat

This vacant heart wants to be filled again

With your charming words,

Your charming accent

So, let’s talk one more time

©️ Aarzu_words