“The Message” 

Today was the hottest day of the year and i was on the top of the house where my birds were playing and waiting for the food. I saw and noticed that they are thirsty more than hungry

I imagined if there would no water on the earth then what will we do for our thirst. No doubt water is really a great blessing and most important need of this planet 

But unfortunately we don’t value of this blessing we use access of water daily across to our need and we don’t think for a second that this water is how much precious for those whose don’t have enough water for their thurst and need. 

I think it’s our responsibility to secure water and arrange that facility for others so that needy people facilitate with clean water and it will be definitely appreciated by those needy people and you get reward from Allah as well 

So, try to be helpful for others specially in these hottest days and some other abnormal days we all should try to arrange facilities like arrange water bottles for thirsty people, food boxes for hungry people and other comforts as well

It will be definitely a great sign of humanity with abundant numbers of blessings and rewards.. 

Incarnate Illuminance


From My Art Gallery

The universe painted in the color of love
Muhammad appeared

The era of oppression and ignorance is over
Muhammad became the means of intercession

The heavens and the earth shook with joy
Muhammad became heart and soul

Not for anyone, but for everyone Muhammad became mercy for entire world

And in the Qur’an, the Lord says:
وَرَفَعْنَا لَكَ ذِكْرَكَ (Surat al-Anshrah: 4)

Translation: And We have raised the remembrance of you (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

Lord’s will is loyalty to Muhammad
After Lord, Muhammad became the highest



From My Art Gallery

In the forest of countless memories

Walking on dry yellow leaves

Those phrases echoes

Keep repeating this story periodically 

End of that story which I have yet to write

That was the story of beginning spring

Even today I sit alone on this cool bench by the side of the road

So the colors of previous seasons are dazzling in front the sight

Feels your presence even today

Yes, this is an autumn dance

The story that is connected to spring is waiting for its end

And life is anxious to live again



From My Art Gallery

Often the dust of this heart is lost somewhere

Often these eyes flow into tears

What to do? if he is a tyrant

But missing a lot in the rainy weather

Often people are left in such moments

Often break hearts silently

Doesn’t even find again

This poor heart when got needy

They smile calmly elsewhere

But even today in the solitude of  falling evening

Forms a reflection in the imagination of fading light

Drinking tea with each other

We meet every day



From My Art Gallery

Listen up!
If get tired of the days
So come
If get tired of long stays
So come
Both will sitting together
Those days which gone by
Will repeat invaluable memories
Which will have passed
We will listen to each other
On the unknown roads
We will walk again
Like a stranger
Let’s meet again
Listen up!
When trying to looking for sleep
So come
When it happens like dreams
So come
That we will share together
Our own fiction
Which can’t say
All the secrets that are hidden in our hearts
All the colors that dance in our eyes Come on, this loneliness
Now become a voice
Constantly calling you
Hearing your footsteps
This moon smiles
Listen up!
If you want
So come
Come around
Don’t be late


Healing Moments

From My Art Gallery

Those contacts
Those complaints
Those faintly smiles
That moment of waiting
Which used to pass
In beautiful memories
Those highlights, those colors
Which was shining
In the darkness of distances
There is a ocean of thoughts
Continuation of years
Scattered even today
in my room
On the edges of my books
In the wilderness of my heart
That familiar accent
That special face
Will stay for a long time
Too long, to the too end


Dearest Delight

From My Art Gallery

Yes it is true that he never made commitment with me

He made no vow to accompany me on this journey of life

Even in jest he did not call himself mine

But the strange thing was that he was good in every situation

Yes, it is true that he never gave me access to his heart

But my worries were always hidden in his heart

Maybe this distance will always be included

Otherwise he was not so hard hearted

If ever he met in somewhere by chance

Ever in my life has the door to acceptence of prayer been opened

All I would say by peeking into his eyes

Of course, everyone is make promises easily and break as well but

You were my hope




The moisture in the eyes of smiling person is always rare

But don’t wait so long to be separated

Just let go, who wants to go..

Shshshsh… Don’t be panic

Life is the name of just

Listening the silence in the chaos of heart




From My Art Gallery

Under the sheet of attractive stars

Is the interpreter of your shadow

For the curious questions of my soul

Only You are the magical reference

That, which is the scattered light of the galaxies

Your eyes are the truly reflection of that moon

The distances of those seven seas

These are the scales of the depths of your heart

An anonymous resentment that remains

Will be erased by your coming

Now that you will come, we will celebrate that season together

To never be separated, will merge into each other



From My Art Gallery

I did not give any argument

That’s all I said

Love is not written on sand

It is engraved on the walls of the heart

The form of a beautiful poem

The form of a happy dream

Which does not revolve around the times

That doesn’t distribute with everyone

It’s just a feeling

In the cold nights

Is the silent instrument of tears

Indifferent to ritual customs

Which burned all night

Such a lamp

He didn’t hear anything

Just where we ever met

Gone quietly

There is life still booming today

Even today there are helding fairs

Just there we are no longer..


The Eagle’s Eye

From My Art Gallery

Tribute Post For The National Bird Of Pakistan 🇵🇰

Turns.. and grabs with iron arm

Who Never panic even in the rotation of days

Which will become a high example of courage for the times

The charm of the earth is still but

Doesn’t step here, just keeps the eyes focused

The ones who make their home on the high mountains

Doesn’t alarmed by the strong winds

Links are with everyone but

Keeps a little distance in meetings

Have the motto of worldliness with seclusion

Self-belief have an unparalleled view of life

There is greatness and stability in nature

Believes in self so much that can fight without bowing down

Avoid to eat dead is better than food

These are the attributes in which depth, there is survival, there is glory, there is success

If you think about it, this is the human code

Let’s amaze the world again with this attribute of strength

Let’s become Shaheen of Iqbal once again

💚 🇵🇰 🦅 💚