The moisture in the eyes of smiling person is always rare

But don’t wait so long to be separated

Just let go, who wants to go..

Shshshsh… Don’t be panic

Life is the name of just

Listening the silence in the chaos of heart




From My Art Gallery

Under the sheet of attractive stars

Is the interpreter of your shadow

For the curious questions of my soul

Only You are the magical reference

That, which is the scattered light of the galaxies

Your eyes are the truly reflection of that moon

The distances of those seven seas

These are the scales of the depths of your heart

An anonymous resentment that remains

Will be erased by your coming

Now that you will come, we will celebrate that season together

To never be separated, will merge into each other



From My Art Gallery

I did not give any argument

That’s all I said

Love is not written on sand

It is engraved on the walls of the heart

The form of a beautiful poem

The form of a happy dream

Which does not revolve around the times

That doesn’t distribute with everyone

It’s just a feeling

In the cold nights

Is the silent instrument of tears

Indifferent to ritual customs

Which burned all night

Such a lamp

He didn’t hear anything

Just where we ever met

Gone quietly

There is life still booming today

Even today there are helding fairs

Just there we are no longer..


The Eagle’s Eye

From My Art Gallery

Tribute Post For The National Bird Of Pakistan 🇵🇰

Turns.. and grabs with iron arm

Who Never panic even in the rotation of days

Which will become a high example of courage for the times

The charm of the earth is still but

Doesn’t step here, just keeps the eyes focused

The ones who make their home on the high mountains

Doesn’t alarmed by the strong winds

Links are with everyone but

Keeps a little distance in meetings

Have the motto of worldliness with seclusion

Self-belief have an unparalleled view of life

There is greatness and stability in nature

Believes in self so much that can fight without bowing down

Avoid to eat dead is better than food

These are the attributes in which depth, there is survival, there is glory, there is success

If you think about it, this is the human code

Let’s amaze the world again with this attribute of strength

Let’s become Shaheen of Iqbal once again

💚 🇵🇰 🦅 💚



From My Art Gallery

This silence is also a language if you understand

This earth is also a heaven if you understand

There are some dreams in those eyes too, though they are all mirages

Why is this heart still impatient? if you understand

There were some conversation lost in a moments, there is still waiting in every night

There is life and there is a rain of memories, if you understand

This heart is ruined, there is a request to meet you even today again still hopeless, if you understand

There is a fire of selfishness all around the world, a resounding melody of every hundred lies

Yet the concept of happiness is unparalleled, if you understand

You are the text of the light of the eyes, you are the reason of the heart’s happiness

You are the soul and heart, if you understand



From My Art Gallery

A colorful story of the book of life A symbol of a fairy playing in heaven

Soft and delicate buds, the queen of their own garden

The cause of human birth on earth by God’s will

Under whose feet is heavenly bliss

Whose existence is the abundance of mercy in life

Why have you forgotten this whole sign now?

Where lost are now the guardians of the relationship

Why Behavior Speaks, Verbal Violence

Have you forgotten that she is the piece of heart of the mercy of the world?

Don’t you remember that respect for marriage is a unique example of Sunnah?

Why are you burning, why are you fading, why are you stumbling, why are you erasing ?

If she exists then you are, the colors of the world are, if she exists then there is aspiration in your heart

Now that the dreams of their eyes are wounded and they are requesting that this world belongs to them too, so, let them live too



From My Art Gallery

Listen! It’s your silence

Which has made a siege around my being

I don’t want to get out of this siege anymore

I don’t want to get out of this standard of love

Listen! Don’t think that I don’t know,

Now I am familiar with the language of your silence

What can I do?

I am used to the imprisonment of your imagination

Yes, Let’s assume there is no contact with you anymore but

I can still feel your word’s fragrance in the waves of wind

Although not possible to meet

I can see myself in the depths of your eyes



From My Art Gallery

This heart was alive in those moments

Which were not sure of staying forever

And he was obtained after the search of the period

But He also had no interest

We were traveling together to the same destination

Was running on the same sail

But the fact was no decision to keep going together

What are the storms?

They get at some point

Some blessed strength that sustain us against it

He was so close too

Every moment my being was moving on the waves of his words

Such that he was the forerunner

I never thought I would be alone

The journey is long but

No wait for another sail

This heart is not ready to walk these paths with anyone else

Which happened

So happened

Now the evening has fallen

The ocean is no longer relaxing

Now the journey continues on the scattered waves

There is life without you

But there is no peace in these moments



From My Art Gallery

Soaked in raindrops is the story of my memories

The moments of meeting you used to be the beauty of my life

In those rains when we used to drink steaming coffee together,

You know what I thought this season would never end

And this moment will last forever

Yes, The weather has stopped, but you are not

You are lost somewhere in the crowd of world

Today I am, it’s raining, there is a only mug of steaming coffee and your frequent memories

☔ ☔ ☔



From My Art Gallery

Eternal Love

Love Of Almighty Allah

Love Of Lord

Exaggerate me beyond all limits of madness

Immerse in the depths of your being that

I lost the identity of my existence

I don’t count the number of prostrations

My steps keep dancing in the same direction so that

I do not even feel like that style of dancing

Then the imagination of beloved emerge in the consciousness

This heart wants to burn with the fire of your closeness

Every moment unsatisfication is surrounding in me like that

Then there is no more taste of peace

Just make me even more mad that

I have no more desire for this world

Just like your name echoes in every corner of my heart

Even hearing don’t recognize any words

Creator of destiny, write in my destiny this

I would like to dance madly on the fire of your love that

There is no curiosity for peace and comfort in my steps