From My Art Gallery

Life is a heartbreaking spree with the rain of dreams

The threshold of a heart washed with tears, and there just waiting for you

Well I am innocent but there is definitely a mistake

My heart is the beggar of love

And its punishment is this unworthy existence

Yes, these contacts are untitled

Even knowing we are stranger

But one day my soaked eyes will disappear from your sight

Then you will surely remember me

🥀 🥀 🥀

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

Let’s postpone all intentions,

let’s fade all distances,

let all the seasons be pleasing whenever you come before me,

let all paths turn towards you,

let’s illuminate all destinations together,

the story of my life will be attributed with your name,

let’s live together for a long time and every moment,

let’s celebrate an eternal togetherness

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

I remember that meeting was very short, yes but memorable

The chill in the atmosphere was hidden in the sadness of his eyes

It was like a beautiful magic when he was calling my name over and over again

In the streets of Spain, in the bazaars, he was with me, like the colors of a rainbow after rain

We made that short trip together as we walked the streets of Spain

Today, sitting in solitude, my heart beats in that moment

Where he and I were searching for each other in the shadow of the Spanish arches

The beauty of that scene is still bright in my eyes today

Echoes of those laughter still resonate in the hearings even today

Then it happened that we moved on in life and that evening of Spain was left behind



From My Art Gallery

Although, the confusions of life have tied up all the moments

Birds of dreams hover over the walls of the eyes

The sun rises, the evening sets, autumn comes and then spring smiles

The caravans of life are going on, but this heart is in somewhere

Where, there are a lot of your meaningful conversations are crowded around my hearings

My months and years are still waiting for you

When you had a free time, we used to talk a lot

Yes, a lot of time has passed

The planet of love separated from its orbit but even today, yes even today,

I go a long with you so far, walking in the imagination

©️ Aarzu_words

Black Coffee

From My Art Gallery

Time passes even today, Like cold nights

Your cold behavior is often remembered But the heart is not so selfish

That To forget those moments

To Being with whom, Life was like garden

Even in difficulties, I was sure to be happy

Dear, Even today those feelings are waiting

Yes. Now the style of love has changed

Now every anxiety of the heart has been relaxed

You will not come now, The heart is convinced

Even today your words resonate

Fragrance is all around me

In long cold nights, A mug of black coffee in my hands

Still waiting for your complaint today

Coffee and that alone, didn’t even ask?

The heart used to think that day

When you meet, we will drink this black coffee together

For a long time, a lot of talks will do

Yes, This black coffee has always been my favorite

And now is dearer

Yes, Now closer to my soul

Hey unaware,

for you, It is still waiting today

©️ Aarzu_words


I was there until late in the form of a picture
       I remained in front of that offensive

And with wonderful skill he was kept erasing every feature of mine
        Yes he was friend but he was not an artisan

And He was kept scattering the jewel of words around me
        The door was open of heart
          The scale of the eyes got
         A wine of dreams

But in the hands of reality
That notion also continued to fade
      And the dust of time
        kept every sorrow hidde

Then it happened that
The evening came and the morning passed
          Life was to pass
          So it passed
          And he was kept remembering

©️ Aarzu_words

Those Magical Eyes

From My Art Gallery

People ask
who is the inventor of your enchanting smile

who is the one whose imagination fills your life

whose fragrance of anonymous existence permeates your morning and night

Alas! I wish you had seen those magical eyes

© Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

Don’t ask the desolate evenings of depressed moments

Why that girl was sad?

No doubt she was rare, unique, sincere, caring

And… she was also rejected by love


©️ Aarzu_words