Whenever I used listen to you.. Dreams brightened in the pinky hue..

Whenever I used to think about you.. Happiness emerged in the mind of blue..

Whenever I used to talk with you.. Cool breeze rang in the morning view..

Whenever I used to argument with you.. Always awaited for the special and new..

Whenever I used to depressed with you.. together we forgot sadness and threw..

Whenever I used to dance with you.. We got drunk without brew..

Whenever I used to angry with you.. I did feel more care for you.

But, When we fell in love.. Then, We left each other and flew.. 🍃🍃🕊ī¸đŸ•Šī¸đŸƒđŸƒ

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Kind Stranger

Even today, every day these eyes search

The scene of those beautiful moments

Even today, every day heart makes the wish of the riddle of those mysterious words

Even today, every day this life is sure with a pointless wait

Even today, every day this feeling lives on that, he will be the same

Those same smiling eyes, that same warm tone.

Very far, very own

Very unique, kind stranger


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People say, silence is magic, silence is wisdom

But often, some silences are mysterious

Some silences are revolution

People just don’t understand, often there is a deep secret in silence, there is a lot of noise in some silence

Mostly silences are hidden in the eyes

They are dancing on the desolate floor of the heart

Surprisingly charming

Surprisingly happy

And I am,

Yes! I am alone in the ocean of your memories, in the madness of love, the truthfulness of words

And finally, I can breathe in the depth of your silence..


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Whenever I melt over your cold behavior,

every time you lose me

Dear!! you know, you are my last … and forever

But now, I am on the way of glorious reality

Now, you are beyond my dreams

And then one day, I will scatter myself over you like glitter, will be disappear and shine forever !!!

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You used to see me

I used to see you

It was an amazing closeness in the distance

The magic of every scene was gorgeous

You used to think me

I used to think you

There was a super connection in the busy routine

Every moment was near to the heart

You used to know me

I used to know you

It was an old relation in strangerness

Every reference was truthful

You were my morning

I was your morning

In the start of everyday we both were amazing

Every path was colorful

That life has lost

In the mist of those mornings

In which that ever

You were love me

I was love you

It will be misty morning, Eyes will be dusty but, remember that one’s eternal presence will never end…

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I thought, you are the beauty of spring

Any melody that comes from the heart

Lights of the dark night

A hint of my silence

I thought, you are the dream of friendship

The rarest one in the world

The unique instrument of happiness

The voice of my loneliness

I thought, you are the destination

The reward of waiting

You are the shady cloud in the hot sunshine

Shore of my thoughts ocean

But, you came to change the feeling,

To change the interpretation of dreams,

To change every aspect of life,

To change the story that lived in my imagination

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Purple Forest

That season was amazing, when the colors didn’t know to become fade, when there was no evening in the dawn of life

That style, those things were unparalleled, when happiness didn’t know to become end, when there was no punishment of moments

That day, that night was full of jollity, when the heart didn’t know to become break, when there was no epidemic in the world of feeling

Then, came that season of your return, To get down from your heart

Yes! That stumble, that lesson was memorable, when it found there was no expectation ever to get like this, when there was no news of the annihilation of trust, even after your return, there is still life but… Didn’t know to live like this


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You saw me in your dreams, every night

I felt you in my soul, every night

I loved you

You missed me

I searched you

You lost me, every night

You were the fabric of blessings

I wrapped you on my shattered soul, every night

I was hope for your bliss

You thought me with empty mind, every night

I’m still there with the voice of heart beat

I’m still there with the magic of your voice

You’re still there with the worth of my desires

You closed me in your eyes, every night

I embraced you in my arms, every night

Šī¸ Aarzu_words


I am a passage of some unforgettable memories

Where, each word is define with hope, dream and uncertain happiness

There is a suspense in each line of unspoken love for affectionate stranger

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You Were My Shining Star

You were my shining star… My every morning joy… You were my every evening dream

You were holy… Like my prayers… Like my faithfulness

You were a companion… Of my life… Of my sad heartbeat

You were a friend… Of my heart’s secrets… Of my sorrow… Of my happiness

When you were… So life was beautiful… Life was full of colors

You were a feeling… For my hopes… You were the reason of my countless bliss

You were a chapter… Of the moment of my life… Of all my unspoken words

You were… So this life was also bright… Where now, there is silence of darkness


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