I have endured the attitudes and loved,

I was not just become accustomed to his words but,

I have loved him even in his absence


©️ Aarzu_words

The Accusation

I have been acknowledging this love for a long time

I’m captive of your memories I have the honor of this love

Although you are not close But in the envelopes of imagination dreams remain the same of this love

My eyes still speak though you still object to this love

Be busy a hundred times in the galaxy of the world yet this heart is waiting for this love

My silence is obligatory upon you,You know that, this is the true expression of love

You too respect this friendship

My friend, this is the real demand of this love

These eyes will be punished for a long time

There is a beautiful accusation of this love on these eyes

©️ Aarzu_words

Galaxy Girl

Just Once,
when you had
mold me
in your existence
happiness burst
in the midst of the galaxies of pain and solitude
since then,
I live with the
of your presence


© Aarzu_words

Faded Love

Life is lost in countless questions, Eyes in all the secrets of the heart that all described

The stranger’s words were all deception, On each side was a slope of dreams

The game was about luck but don’t know why…This heart accepted the bitterness written in the destiny and the separation of that selfish

Sometimes laughter echoes, sometimes sadness in silence All the measures of the heart are hopeless for life

Helplessness is something like this, There are sad evenings yet every moment is happy

Who turned, who passed…He was the reason of life or even today he is still the reason of life

The value of loyalty has to be safe, yes, every moment has to be forgotten and remembered

Maybe now it’s an essential ingredient for life, Now he is not, nowhere… But Yes just have to keep his imagination carefully

©️ Aarzu_words

Snow Girl

She wanted to preserve the love that was never with her,

She was looking for the one that was unattainable,

She was like frozen snow on the mountains, melting,

And wanting the presence of her own existence


©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

Don’t ask the desolate evenings of depressed moments

Why that girl was sad?

No doubt she was rare, unique, sincere, caring

And… she was also rejected by love


©️ Aarzu_words

And Her Eyes

Many moments she passed were the gift of her life,

In the silent life, those moments were full of happiness,

There were strange mornings, there were strange evenings,

It was a coincidence that she met him, 

Which was unforgettable..

She was love, she was a cure for pain,

She was an antidote to poison, she was a strange girl,

Very strong, Very unique,

But when she laughed,

Her Eyes used to get wet..


©️ Aarzu_words


It was winter or summer, I’m not exactly remember,

Maybe it was day or night, But every moment was bright,

He was near or far, Yes He just was shining like a star,

After a long day, that late night call, whenever I often used to wear my blue shawl,

That was my crazy time, when I used to say so many rhyme,

And now life has changed, Every happiness is out of ranged,

He has forgotten, And My heart is full of burden,

But, This universe is still moving, The time is still running,

If whenever I will meet, I will ask him for treat,

For the celebration of our dead friendship,

For the amusement of our fake relationship,

I know he is so generous, He told me I’m so gorgeous,

Then he will never reject me, When I will invite him for the tea,

At least for once, just once and once,

Oh fate just give me a chance, For breaking his trance,

I will not speak, Just dimples will appear on the cheek,

I will tell him with my eyes, You stayed and will rise,

In the depth of my heart, On the edge of my art..


©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

Yes it is true that the birds of your memories now fly far away,

Yes, it is true that the people think I’m happy,

I have made my every sorrow my strength,

I have freed the birds of your memories, but I am still alive with that feeling,

I am still alive with your every saying,

Whether you keep remembering me or not, I am still alive,

Look world! I am sad but strong, I am alive with my belief,

So then … Don’t show me the love card again and again, I’m not a gambler nor a player,

I’m simply “The Believer”

Who doesn’t want to change their center..

©️ Aarzu_words

Yes I’m Single

The bitterness of coffee is mixed in my tone Yeah, now the effect is somewhat diminished. In the busy, speedy life No one is waiting, Yes i am single

Those night and day’s stories Have become meaningless. In tangled, tangled thoughts. No one passing now, Yes i am single

The sounds of those unintentional laughter have been drowned out. In the phone rings, Now no one is waiting, Yes i am single

By listening to the walls. There is nothing to listen too. In these instruments of words, There is no melody anymore, Yes i am single

Even the habit of waiting. Now finished by heart. In the paths of this passion There is no oasis anymore, Yes i am single

In the windows of feeling. Now the desolation remains. On the threshold of silence, There is no such thing as faith, Yes i am single

And then this story’s colour changed. At this point the story happened the end. Burning in the sun The whole shadow of memories, The echo of the requests wrapping around the feet, There are no signs of forgetting anything, Yes i am single

To whom kept in the heart. Now, gone unaware of him. Since when the conversation ended, Then I don’t talk to anyone, Yes i am single

©️ Aarzu_words