A Perfect Girl

She was a perfect girl, seemed very strong behind the unfulfilled dreams

In each of familiar faces, every moment she was looking for a stranger

She was sharing many moments alone with herself

She imagined every moment the echoing magic of a sincere one’s voice

She was a girl of colors, she was a fragrance like flowers

The traveler of the unknown paths The girl who was wandering in beautiful dreams

That was a little afraid of that strong girl, that he would go away and not come back

Thinking about these things, the strong girl’s nerves were often tired, a very contented heart wandered away, but she knew every moment that he will be gone

Even then, after him she seemed very strong

To many people thought she is very proudy

She was like a riddle, sometimes seemed cheerful, sometimes seemed gloomy

There were also many who assumed her like a palace, beautiful outside and secluded inside

©️ Aarzu_words



Dreams dragging delightness

Dearest desire deeply defines

Draw dozens of different designs

Drizzling dusk dropping daffodils

Drowsy driving dancing dice

Darling destination delicate doors

Darely dumbest doodle drama

©️ Aarzu_words

Tautogram Poem

“Your Fragrance”

Let me, live in the feeling that you ever met me

On the forked paths I and you walked ever

In the harsh sunshine of life those shadowy moments, away from the miles we lived together

Today, he is not with me but the magic of his voice remains

Now, I’m not looking for anymore

Now, I’m no longer searching for any way

Now, I have tied myself with his feeling

Now, I have separated my heart and existence from all the colors and smells of the era

Because, your dress fragrance is scattered around me


“A Writer”

She was a writer

She composed every words with the nip of her dreams

Her story was the only strength of her life

Her life was encased by some beautiful imaginations

She lived with every tiny moments of her memories

She always believed that the ray of happiness can visible anytime

Because, someone was always there enclosed in her thoughts

And till the end of her existence


Black And White

We need some light

We want to be bright

Why things are blanked.. And out of sight

No dreams in eyes

No hopes for light

We want to be alive… So, we stay and fight

It’s just black and white

It’s just rough and tight

No colors in life

It’s dark long night

But, he(lord) will protect us, will hold us

We believe you dear lord

Very soon, world will be colorful again

Very soon, human will find the reasons of delight


In The Spanish Streets

Tú eres la razón de mi sonrisa encantadora

Eres la estrella más brillante de mi felicidad

¡Si! Estás lejos pero,

puedo sentir tu presencia a mi alrededor

incluso desde las millas 💕


You are the reason for my charming smile

You are the brightest star of my happiness

Yes! You’re far away but,

I can feel your presence around me even from miles 💕