Black Coffee

From My Art Gallery

Time passes even today, Like cold nights

Your cold behavior is often remembered But the heart is not so selfish

That To forget those moments

To Being with whom, Life was like garden

Even in difficulties, I was sure to be happy

Dear, Even today those feelings are waiting

Yes. Now the style of love has changed

Now every anxiety of the heart has been relaxed

You will not come now, The heart is convinced

Even today your words resonate

Fragrance is all around me

In long cold nights, A mug of black coffee in my hands

Still waiting for your complaint today

Coffee and that alone, didn’t even ask?

The heart used to think that day

When you meet, we will drink this black coffee together

For a long time, a lot of talks will do

Yes, This black coffee has always been my favorite

And now is dearer

Yes, Now closer to my soul

Hey unaware,

for you, It is still waiting today

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

When obsession prevails in the senses Then often the sky comes in footsteps

When the heart does not know the values of distances, And the extent of anxiety increases on all sides

Sometimes uneven phrases echoing, So ever unseen contacts begins to bother the existence

When the bird of peace leaves the walls And whisper begins bother the heart

Sometimes words lose the power, So ever never achieved the reward of silence

When heart fall in love with someone foreigner, And his desire to become a serious disease of the soul

Then in the dark corners of existence Often a illumination rises in the deep

These eyes stay awake in the hope of light, Just for hearing the sound of some footsteps on the doorstep

Existence Drowned in the sea of loneliness speaks to you, With the hope of peace and love

It walks in miles with grief, A miracle that is now to be possible

Just a prayer to be accepted now, In this sea of chaos, Now want to get the pearl of peace

Yes, that’s true, the dream is still alive that we will meet there, Where we will get lost in each other

©️ Aarzu_words

My SnowMan

From My Art Gallery

Classy companion of cold nights, gardener of the garden of my dreams

Where did you go? By becoming a question and becoming a reason of innumerable memories

The snow had just melt, the dawn had just arise

There were still more songs remained for humming by putting my head on your shoulder

O unique companion of pleasant moments, The smile of my loneliness

Where do you live? By becoming the spring, by becoming the reason of innumerable joys

I longed for your sight, My eyes have been awake for a long time

The echo of your sigh has decorated my doorstep

Beautiful story of my life, Where do you scatter?

By becoming a melody of hearts, by becoming a moon in a cluster of stars

My heart’s ground shines around, All the traces of your footsteps

Alive in waiting for you, The world of my dreams

©️ Aarzu_words

Lavender Love

From My Art Gallery

The Sun rose in the orchard of fragrance, Heart is blossoming with the flowers of Mauve

Memories are shining in the castle of thoughts, Steps are seeking the destiny of Ave

I’m wandering in the ocean of wonders, There is always an imagination of peaceful Cove

Sky is fantasized with the fantasy of azure, Let’s fly high like the wings of Dove

Bumpy tracks are the intimation of struggle, Chances are still emerging hidden in the problematic Curve

Yes, apparently this distance separated us, But we are still together and rise Above

I’m afraid to calling your name again, But this love support me always on Uphove

Hopes are alive in the darkness of heart, Eyes are still dreaming and Evolve

On the cold sand of this orchard of emotion, You’re my only companion and Truelove

With the reward of your closeness, I want to wear in winters your hand’s Glove

With the belief of your presence, I want to feel the beauty of Lavender Love

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

There are intricate ways

There are rain of memories

There is also travel fatigue

And there is also the search for the destination

All faces are unknown, All eyes are strangers

There is a bit of fear in the heart, And not even allowed to stop the steps

Yes life is just a struggle, Between defeat and victory

In the mirage of love

Dream’s galaxy is scattered, Tear is out of control

Sometimes that shines, In the heat of regrets

And then it’s chilled like snow of cold behaviors

Yes but there is a rock of encouragement

Knowing but stranger

Delightful, kind for loved ones

In this forest of dreams, it is pitch dark

The eyes stays awake, That’s just near dawn

The heart is broken, heavy

From the bitterness of the accents, from the harshness of the situation

Still the imagination remains, This faith remains

There are still staying some hopes Spread out all around

©️ Aarzu_words

I Still….

That moment was like a strong wind just came and gone

I couldn’t ever fully catch those moments

And in those moments an person was available who owned a very high flight

But his magic was very long and powerful

Talking to him was so effective that even

After a long hours his voice used to echoing in my hearings

Although that moment and that person no longer exist but still remains in my feelings

Yes. It is a beautiful acknowledgment of the wonderful fact that

You are invisible but present all around me and

I still talk to you

Still reply

Still smile and

I still grow

©️ Aarzu_words

Those Magical Eyes

From My Art Gallery

People ask
who is the inventor of your enchanting smile

who is the one whose imagination fills your life

whose fragrance of anonymous existence permeates your morning and night

Alas! I wish you had seen those magical eyes

© Aarzu_words

Galaxy Girl

Just Once,
when you had
mold me
in your existence
happiness burst
in the midst of the galaxies of pain and solitude
since then,
I live with the
of your presence


© Aarzu_words

Worthless Dreams

From My Art Gallery

Yes, this heart still demanding only for you today

Although there is no possibility of meeting now

Yet the heart waits for this spectacle

Thoughts are now frozen, the speed of time has stopped now

Neither those moments are waiting

nor those knocks of joy, every hope is now lost

yes no news of your heart

But I think that even the rocks melt

they break into pieces with the slightest hurt

But what can I say that now I am as hard as your heart

Even today I am just lost in this unseen wait

All those dreams that were worthless by your hands

have fallen asleep in the awaking eyes


©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

Don’t ask the desolate evenings of depressed moments

Why that girl was sad?

No doubt she was rare, unique, sincere, caring

And… she was also rejected by love


©️ Aarzu_words