From My Art Gallery

I often get lost in the imagination at night,

Of what the weather is like in the city you are living through

Do you ever get wet when it rains?

When the yellow leaves of autumn are scattered,

Do you also gather them?

When the gusts of icy winds touch your face,

Do you take a mug of coffee and sit at the window

To feel that icy wind inside your heart?

Listen, I spend most of the night in the imaginary city

Where there is a small heavenly house by the water with a thick shade of a poplar tree,

I’m sitting by the window with you, drinking coffee and talking a lot

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

Excitement was on the peak

When I saw the affection freak

Those shining roads and they were sleek

Those castles and Towers could speak

Many people were get lost and were in seek

Ahh those blue eyes and rosy cheek

That story of love which was weak

Cruelty of world was in streak

Heart was hopeless and break

But again love is resonating in the streets of antique

The moon of dream is still peek

Heart is still shining but little bit bleak

Oh Romeo your city is still surrounded with loveable eek

I still want to find those techniques of tweak

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

I always want to feel the beauty of unique

©️ Aarzu_words


You are wondering

where should I put my foot?

Where do i stay?

Where to handle?

There are strangely uneven routes

there are shapeless dark streets

It seems that total darkness has enveloped all the destinations

And sometimes the noise of melancholy shakes the frozen silence here

You must be wondering, right?

This is a strange world

There are unspoken complaints

there are unexpressed stories

there are suppressed dreams

there are frequent prayers

there are countless hopes

Now don’t say I didn’t tell you

Did not give you a chance to see the glimpse of the ways of my heart

Seeing your surprise

I would just like to say that

The paths of my heart are very rocky not to pass through here

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

That rainy night scene is still bright with all its magical shadows in the eyes

When you, me and that shady tree of the forest are still standing in that beautiful moment of that rainy night

Whenever my heart was afraid of the sound of clouds, I hold your hand tightly and you used to enjoy with my fear

That flickering lamp of the forest is still burning in the flame of the heart under which you and I sat and awaited for the rain to stop

You used to look at me with meaningful sight over and over again made me confused and smiled

That beautiful companionship of that rainy night was so amazing and magical

Yes…,, You were the stranger of my dreamland but close to the heart

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

The ease of a life that would have been possible

The life that would have been a distant paradise

In the land of dusty dreams

That would have you appeared for just a moment

I wish you would have realized this fact too

The journey towards the destination would have been more beautiful

Now I am with you in these soaking moments but like that

Your voice is like a healing wine, is resonating in my desolate soul

🖤 💛 🖤

©️ Aarzu_word


From My Art Gallery

When obsession prevails in the senses Then often the sky comes in footsteps

When the heart does not know the values of distances, And the extent of anxiety increases on all sides

Sometimes uneven phrases echoing, So ever unseen contacts begins to bother the existence

When the bird of peace leaves the walls And whisper begins bother the heart

Sometimes words lose the power, So ever never achieved the reward of silence

When heart fall in love with someone foreigner, And his desire to become a serious disease of the soul

Then in the dark corners of existence Often a illumination rises in the deep

These eyes stay awake in the hope of light, Just for hearing the sound of some footsteps on the doorstep

Existence Drowned in the sea of loneliness speaks to you, With the hope of peace and love

It walks in miles with grief, A miracle that is now to be possible

Just a prayer to be accepted now, In this sea of chaos, Now want to get the pearl of peace

Yes, that’s true, the dream is still alive that we will meet there, Where we will get lost in each other

©️ Aarzu_words


Loneliness is the meditation that ingrained the soul

The dream is of one night or of centuries

They are needy of  sleep

But waking up at night is addiction

And now it’s embedded in the eyes

©️ Aarzu_words


Can someone buy these eyes from me?

The mistake of these eyes is unforgivable

Is there anyone who will buy?

I am forced to auction

I’ll take a small price

These value has lost now

Have become so much worthless

I dreamed of making him my own

I dreamed of settling him in my heart

I have to pay the ransom for this dream

These have to be auctioned off

These have to be auctioned off

©️ Aarzu_words


The arrival of spring was coming

The lamps of dreams were brightened by the rays of hope around the cold winds

Someone’s footsteps were being heard on the doorstep of the heart

That moment, that time was passing with those unseen feeling of waiting

With pleasant belief to whom long-awaited he came suddenly….

But sometimes happiness is like a mirage

Disappears by touching

I counted the hours waiting for him for a long years and he came too

But then in such a spring season in which he came and also went

©️ Aarzu_words

Snow Girl

She wanted to preserve the love that was never with her,

She was looking for the one that was unattainable,

She was like frozen snow on the mountains, melting,

And wanting the presence of her own existence


©️ Aarzu_words