The Greatest Name of Allah

From My Art Gallery

The Compassionate
The Most Merciful
The Sovereign
The Holy
The Absolute Ruler
The Source Of Peace
The Supervisor
The Owner
The Guardian
The Victorious
The All Merciful
He is the Greatest
He is Allah
Šī¸ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

I read you word by word,

You were the most difficult curriculum of my life,

All your questions were unanswered,

All references of you were a deep secret,

What were you?

Why were you in the aspects of my life?

All the reasons were tangled,

I don’t know why this feeling happens now,

If you didn’t meet me, 

Ever I hopeful for the happiness,

Or always I feel sad,

As I am now after you went

Šī¸ Aarzu_words