From My Art Gallery

I often get lost in the imagination at night,

Of what the weather is like in the city you are living through

Do you ever get wet when it rains?

When the yellow leaves of autumn are scattered,

Do you also gather them?

When the gusts of icy winds touch your face,

Do you take a mug of coffee and sit at the window

To feel that icy wind inside your heart?

Listen, I spend most of the night in the imaginary city

Where there is a small heavenly house by the water with a thick shade of a poplar tree,

I’m sitting by the window with you, drinking coffee and talking a lot

©️ Aarzu_words

Positivity Is Medic

Rhyming Poem

Life has bumpy trick

Know how to control the pain and hit the kick

Though on the way there is only hidden brick

But with them some moments are like a beautiful click

Which is sparkling in the album of favorite pic

Yes, in the darkness always some glick

Strength has always been there in the thin and thick

Some people are just love so will always remember their nick

Happiness is unspoken lyric

Pure smile is basic

Heart is still seeking those magic stick

Anxious to compose magical music

And then it will be humming in life as melodious classic

©️ Aarzu_words


Women’s Day

A woman is a dream whose interpretation resides in the eyes of those who consider this dream sacred and keep it in their eyes like treasure

The fragrance of her presence makes those imagination fragrant at every moment

Then whether she is a mother, a daughter, a wife or a sincere friend, the whole reality of life becomes as bright, beautiful and dignified as a woman’s personality

That if accompanied, it is encouraging, and if they look forward to her, it is a sign of a bright future

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

Life is a heartbreaking spree with the rain of dreams

The threshold of a heart washed with tears, and there just waiting for you

Well I am innocent but there is definitely a mistake

My heart is the beggar of love

And its punishment is this unworthy existence

Yes, these contacts are untitled

Even knowing we are stranger

But one day my soaked eyes will disappear from your sight

Then you will surely remember me

🥀 🥀 🥀

©️ Aarzu_words


Ever go through my dream’s town, there you will find a person like yourself

Ever come and collect the pieces of my being, doing so will soothe your soul

Don’t regret it later, there will be some relief for my sorrows

On the desolate paths of my heart

Albeit, for a while, will be the sight of the celebration of your arrival

This life without you, though useless, may will be a recourse to your memories

All the colors of my dream’s town are associated with your being

And yes in this autumn, my soul is scattered on the barren land of my own heart

Now I’m waiting again,

Come sometime and irrigate the barren land of my heart with your cold attitude

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

Excitement was on the peak

When I saw the affection freak

Those shining roads and they were sleek

Those castles and Towers could speak

Many people were get lost and were in seek

Ahh those blue eyes and rosy cheek

That story of love which was weak

Cruelty of world was in streak

Heart was hopeless and break

But again love is resonating in the streets of antique

The moon of dream is still peek

Heart is still shining but little bit bleak

Oh Romeo your city is still surrounded with loveable eek

I still want to find those techniques of tweak

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

I always want to feel the beauty of unique

©️ Aarzu_words


The Venice

From My Art Gallery

Why are the winds here so charming?

Have we met before too?

It is secretly coming to my mind

That we have been through here this before

Today the heart is saying again, let’s go far

Let’s walk in this city of waters and disappear from the sight of this world

Then no one can touch us

Just look at the narrow streets here that attract us

The waterways here kiss our feet

Just feel that the charisma of love is everywhere in this journey

Just pay attention, there is someone in the houses here,

Who is humming a love song

So, Holding each other’s hands in this endless journey of love together

Let’s get lost in the city of Venice

©️ Aarzu_words


You are wondering

where should I put my foot?

Where do i stay?

Where to handle?

There are strangely uneven routes

there are shapeless dark streets

It seems that total darkness has enveloped all the destinations

And sometimes the noise of melancholy shakes the frozen silence here

You must be wondering, right?

This is a strange world

There are unspoken complaints

there are unexpressed stories

there are suppressed dreams

there are frequent prayers

there are countless hopes

Now don’t say I didn’t tell you

Did not give you a chance to see the glimpse of the ways of my heart

Seeing your surprise

I would just like to say that

The paths of my heart are very rocky not to pass through here

©️ Aarzu_words


There is still some spectacle left

On the stage of life

Even more spectators will come

Even more gathering will rise

Then the noise of successes and failures will rise

Then man will be lost somewhere in competitions

©️ Aarzu_words


From My Art Gallery

I am in pursuit of heights

I am a traveler of icy winds

I have endured the vicissitudes of time

Now I’m going to find myself in a stalemate

It’s okay if I come back again otherwise

I’m a climber, don’t wait for me

©️ Aarzu_words