From My Art Gallery

Eternal Love

Love Of Almighty Allah

Love Of Lord

Exaggerate me beyond all limits of madness

Immerse in the depths of your being that

I lost the identity of my existence

I don’t count the number of prostrations

My steps keep dancing in the same direction so that

I do not even feel like that style of dancing

Then the imagination of beloved emerge in the consciousness

This heart wants to burn with the fire of your closeness

Every moment unsatisfication is surrounding in me like that

Then there is no more taste of peace

Just make me even more mad that

I have no more desire for this world

Just like your name echoes in every corner of my heart

Even hearing don’t recognize any words

Creator of destiny, write in my destiny this

I would like to dance madly on the fire of your love that

There is no curiosity for peace and comfort in my steps


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