From My Art Gallery

When the heart is plunged into the darkness of melancholy, the breaths become very heavy

Then existence begins to tread the tiring paths of despair

It often happens that the courage to fight with the situation also loses and the anxiety sees the face of life

Yes we are weak and helpless human beings, we get tired,

We despair but we do not forget that there is no darkness in the planning of Almighty

Yes, the heart is sad, but there is always hope that the Almighty Allah sees our tears and hears our cries

He is not compelled nor bound. We are just a little hasty

We are sure of the grace of that Lord but we stumble and then in the end it is

The Lord of Glory who supports us and holds us back

So, Never think that any request you have is too much for Allah

He says, “Be” and it is. Then all the knots of despair are untied and

He is indeed the Greatest, and He is the Most Merciful

©️ Aarzu_words


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