From My Art Gallery

I remember that meeting was very short, yes but memorable

The chill in the atmosphere was hidden in the sadness of his eyes

It was like a beautiful magic when he was calling my name over and over again

In the streets of Spain, in the bazaars, he was with me, like the colors of a rainbow after rain

We made that short trip together as we walked the streets of Spain

Today, sitting in solitude, my heart beats in that moment

Where he and I were searching for each other in the shadow of the Spanish arches

The beauty of that scene is still bright in my eyes today

Echoes of those laughter still resonate in the hearings even today

Then it happened that we moved on in life and that evening of Spain was left behind


22 Replies to ““EVENING IN SPAIN”

      1. Oh tha8 great,
        I’m honored and humbled for your invitation..
        I would definitely like to write on penser,
        it will be a great pleasure for me


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