Black Coffee

From My Art Gallery

Time passes even today, Like cold nights

Your cold behavior is often remembered But the heart is not so selfish

That To forget those moments

To Being with whom, Life was like garden

Even in difficulties, I was sure to be happy

Dear, Even today those feelings are waiting

Yes. Now the style of love has changed

Now every anxiety of the heart has been relaxed

You will not come now, The heart is convinced

Even today your words resonate

Fragrance is all around me

In long cold nights, A mug of black coffee in my hands

Still waiting for your complaint today

Coffee and that alone, didn’t even ask?

The heart used to think that day

When you meet, we will drink this black coffee together

For a long time, a lot of talks will do

Yes, This black coffee has always been my favorite

And now is dearer

Yes, Now closer to my soul

Hey unaware,

for you, It is still waiting today

©️ Aarzu_words

8 Replies to “Black Coffee”

  1. Chai ki pyaali ya coffee ka ek cup waqai agar akele pee rhe hn aap sukoon me to kisi na kisi ki yaad zarur dilati hai😊 Because there’s always someone with whom you have shared your moments of joy with a cup of coffee or a tea. ❀️
    Beautifully writtenπŸ’•
    Happy new year dear Aarzu 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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