Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Era will be a witness that there was a brave man

Who was unarmed but a soldier of perfection

Who stood alone in the battle of ideology

Who was awakening the sleeping hearts

And then all his efforts came true

Then the inhabitants of a region found their identity

The nation had embarked on the path of determination, awareness and vision

Today the conditions are tough but not far from the destination

The hearts of enthusiastic people will not stop now

O Quaid, we have kept the bright of the lamp of hope

All the colors of this country are better than all the colors

Just a little bit of darkness will be erased, then the whole scene will be washed away,

then every dream will become a reality and your name will shine everywhere

Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the guardian of the nation

The nation is the body, the soul is Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Happy Birthday Quaid-e-Azam

Šī¸ Aarzu_words


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