From My Art Gallery

When obsession prevails in the senses Then often the sky comes in footsteps

When the heart does not know the values of distances, And the extent of anxiety increases on all sides

Sometimes uneven phrases echoing, So ever unseen contacts begins to bother the existence

When the bird of peace leaves the walls And whisper begins bother the heart

Sometimes words lose the power, So ever never achieved the reward of silence

When heart fall in love with someone foreigner, And his desire to become a serious disease of the soul

Then in the dark corners of existence Often a illumination rises in the deep

These eyes stay awake in the hope of light, Just for hearing the sound of some footsteps on the doorstep

Existence Drowned in the sea of loneliness speaks to you, With the hope of peace and love

It walks in miles with grief, A miracle that is now to be possible

Just a prayer to be accepted now, In this sea of chaos, Now want to get the pearl of peace

Yes, that’s true, the dream is still alive that we will meet there, Where we will get lost in each other

©️ Aarzu_words

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