⏳⏳ 2020⏳⏳

Some stories from the past remains Some symbols are hidden in the captivity of the moments

O last year we will remember the footsteps of some people who often came and gone in to the doorstep of life

O icy winds of December, be the witness to every silent tale of the heart

To make a stranger adorable for the life in the moments of love

There were some dreams which interpretation has been lost

There are some desires that have fallen asleep in the gorge of soul

The heart still steps on some paths of hope

Existence is still waiting for the destination of bliss

Sunshine of belief is shining, In the icy forest of sadness

In the passage of time, the past will be left behind

The story of the present may be not so much interesting

So dreams of the future always will be sweet

©️ Aarzu_words

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