My SnowMan

From My Art Gallery

Classy companion of cold nights, gardener of the garden of my dreams

Where did you go? By becoming a question and becoming a reason of innumerable memories

The snow had just melt, the dawn had just arise

There were still more songs remained for humming by putting my head on your shoulder

O unique companion of pleasant moments, The smile of my loneliness

Where do you live? By becoming the spring, by becoming the reason of innumerable joys

I longed for your sight, My eyes have been awake for a long time

The echo of your sigh has decorated my doorstep

Beautiful story of my life, Where do you scatter?

By becoming a melody of hearts, by becoming a moon in a cluster of stars

My heart’s ground shines around, All the traces of your footsteps

Alive in waiting for you, The world of my dreams

©️ Aarzu_words

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