Today Again

Today again, is the season of flowering, I want to recall those moments

Which were physicians of existence and soul, Which were extremely close to the heart

Today again, the eyes are dreaming, I want to meet that affectionate stranger again

Who was the inventor of my smiles, Who was the reason of my bliss

Cold winds blow again today, I’m looking forward to that piece of cloud

Which will refresh my being, Which will endure in my senses

Today again, I’m remembering that past story, I want to awaken that character

Who is very precious in my life, Who is far away but close

Today again the heart is restless with pain, I want to call that Messiah

Who knows what is in my heart, Who just doesn’t believe to my heart

Today again, the destinations are enlightened with the hope. I want to walk with you on these passages

With a new emotion, With the magic of love

Today again, these flowers are ready to be fragrant, I want to collect the interpretation of these magical dreams

With the eternal reward of your closeness, With the strong belief of your presence

©️ Aarzu_words

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