Lavender Love

From My Art Gallery

The Sun rose in the orchard of fragrance, Heart is blossoming with the flowers of Mauve

Memories are shining in the castle of thoughts, Steps are seeking the destiny of Ave

I’m wandering in the ocean of wonders, There is always an imagination of peaceful Cove

Sky is fantasized with the fantasy of azure, Let’s fly high like the wings of Dove

Bumpy tracks are the intimation of struggle, Chances are still emerging hidden in the problematic Curve

Yes, apparently this distance separated us, But we are still together and rise Above

I’m afraid to calling your name again, But this love support me always on Uphove

Hopes are alive in the darkness of heart, Eyes are still dreaming and Evolve

On the cold sand of this orchard of emotion, You’re my only companion and Truelove

With the reward of your closeness, I want to wear in winters your hand’s Glove

With the belief of your presence, I want to feel the beauty of Lavender Love

Šī¸ Aarzu_words

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