In The Universe

I tried to translate this beautiful spiritual poetry, written by  Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmed very known sufi poet of South Asia and it is performed by the legend sufi artist Madam Abida Parveen… Hope you guys like it..

یار کو ہم نے جا بجا دیکھا

کہیں ظاہر کہیں چھپا دیکھا

I saw the dude in everywhere, it’s visible in somewhere and somewhere it’s hide

کہیں ممکن ہوا کہیں واجب

کہیں فانی کہیں بقا دیکھا

In somewhere it’s possible and in somewhere it’s obliged

کہیں وہ بادشاہِ تخت نشین

کہیں کاسہ لیے گداد دیکھا

In somewhere saw the thorne of King and in somewhere saw the beggar holding an empty begging bowl

کہیں وہ در لباسِ معشوقہ

برسرِ ناز و ادا دیکھا

In somewhere that glorious dress of beloved and saw love, pride and style

کہیں عاشق نیاز کی صورت

سینہ بریان و دل جلا دیکھا

In somewhere the face of the lover Niyaz, and saw that heart burnt in the chest of grief

©️ Aarzu_words

22 Replies to “In The Universe”

      1. Jahan tak poetic taste ki baat hai to school college mein urdu padhi hoti to alag hi baat hoti hum to yunhin internet se padh padh kar aur yahan wahan se padh padh kar urdu poetry pata chali hai aur haan daddy ki shairi sun sun kar aur unki bitaaben padh padh kar shauq hua warna humen kahan se pata hota kuch bhi. Kitne shayar to pata hi nahin the aur hain. There a long a to go… still learning…

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      1. Yes…❣️
        And being a Muslim it can be possible to understand that Almighty Allah is everywhere, in every action and in every vision so I think this is the whole meaning of the central idea of this poetry…
        Which is tried to explain here…

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