From My Art Gallery

There are intricate ways

There are rain of memories

There is also travel fatigue

And there is also the search for the destination

All faces are unknown, All eyes are strangers

There is a bit of fear in the heart, And not even allowed to stop the steps

Yes life is just a struggle, Between defeat and victory

In the mirage of love

Dream’s galaxy is scattered, Tear is out of control

Sometimes that shines, In the heat of regrets

And then it’s chilled like snow of cold behaviors

Yes but there is a rock of encouragement

Knowing but stranger

Delightful, kind for loved ones

In this forest of dreams, it is pitch dark

The eyes stays awake, That’s just near dawn

The heart is broken, heavy

From the bitterness of the accents, from the harshness of the situation

Still the imagination remains, This faith remains

There are still staying some hopes Spread out all around

©️ Aarzu_words

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