Come Back Again

The nights of sad evenings are awake, Those who lives far from sight are close to the heart

That unspoken story is still standing in the windows of the eyes… It’s been up all night for a disappointing wait

Now the accents are very colorless, Whenever heard some familiar voice

Who were ever companions of the last moments, Who are now simply the sadness of the heart…

Just making the whole sequence of self-deception, decorating and entertaining self, This is what happens often now

The heart is immature, unable to understand, Those who were never own, now their memories are the destination

Every single star in the galaxy of imagination is still bright today… Come back one day, come see one day…That the paths are still bright today, the walls are still waiting today

Call me for no reason… Oh my awaken sad evenings, one day let’s come down as a dream in my eyes… Go through the threshold of my heart, and come in front of me…

©️ Aarzu_words

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