The Battle Of Truth

Part 1

The rising moon of Muharram seemed very bright… There was a very mysterious silence all around in the desert, The sky was already adorned with red lines…Don’t know what story was going to written on this earth now.

The universe was getting very excited, The waters of the Farhad River were also unusually high… It looked like all the water would come out by breaking the edges, There was also an anxiety in the winds, there was a confusion, there was a regretion.

Tents were set up on the scorching earth of Karbala, Noor’s family was staying there… The most reliable family in the universe. The old, the children, the women, the young were all following in the footsteps of their Imam.

The night was very deep and heavy… The crescent moonlight had turned into a redness, The followers of Rah-e-Haq were waiting for the next announcement of their commander,
In such moment the voice of truth raised loudly.

That was the voice of the Imam of followers, the moon of religion, the prince of heaven whose garment came from heaven, And the angels used to play with him… He was the darling of his grandfather, the darling of his parents, the apple of his sister’s and brother’s eye, the darling of the whole world, he was sad today, he was lonely, he had a heavy heart… The sight of the martyrdom of their loved ones was still fresh before his eyes, But he was, is and will be an example of courage, patience, strength, peace and love.

The light of the tent was dimmed, The eyes of the followers were still bright with emotion.

“I won’t stop anyone who wants to go”

The tent lights up again, And the followers were still there. With the promise that we will be with you till the last breath… Where will the world find it now? The Imam, the commander, like hussain and the followers, like them.

The land of Karbala has seen that scene and will witness it till the Day of Judgment, There is no precedent for the high spirits that have been written in the field of Karbala to this day… Young, old, women, children were all present in Hussein’s caravan, all were followers of Hussein.

©️ Aarzu_words

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