The Battle Of Truth

Part 11 (final part)

“Holding fast to the religion of Allah, maintaining the prayers in all circumstances”

These were the rules due to which Imam Hussein did not bow his head in the face of falsehood but accepted to be cut off.

“Never oppress your souls. Do not be hypocritical”

This moment of ease, well-being and salvation on the scorched sand of Karbala will continue to be a beacon for humanity for the rest of the world.

The day has dawned, Now just the last battle is about to begin… It is a very difficult time for a sister to say goodbye to her brother on the battlefield… No one can but Zainab, Who herself is the source of courage, who is the pride of the father, who is the dignity of the family of Muhammad…

She, who is now his brother’s arm is the guardian of his surviving family… The war is understandable if it is according to the rules of war, but this war was of the father of a martyr, the brother of a martyr, one of the hungry, one of the thirsty, one of the poor, But whoever dared would come under the sword… No one would have ever seen such a power, such a challenge, such an attack…

Yes, but this man of courage also had to fulfill the promise he made to his beloved grandfather in his childhood that for the sake of his religion, I will cut off…

Now the field of Karbala was covered with darkness… The enemy had begun a full advance, Haider Karar’s sword had stopped. Just now this is the last martyrdom, this is the philosophy of martyrdom…

There is Fatima’s Laal and the rain of spears… The head will must be separated from the body, the body will must be a crushed from wounds…

But the truth will remain alive till the Day of Judgment, the religion will be called true till the Day of Judgment, the spirit of sacrifice will become greater till the Day of Judgment and falsehood will be eradicated, the oppressor will bow down, oppression will be annihilated…

“Hussein, your Lord is pleased with you”

May Allah be pleased with us all and make us all the true followers of Hussein…

Ameen sum Ameen 💖 ❣️ 💖

©️ Aarzu_words

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