Some pleasant little, precious hours were so wonderful,

When a journey on the routes from strangers was everlasting,

Yes I was no expert. But, I was amazing at some things,

I was always afraid of getting lost,

That’s why I thought of being alone,

I knew that the glass walls of heart are very delicate,

There was no question of breaking it,

And then it happened that there were some charming accents, which were very deceptive,

Aware of all the tricks of the era,

They were like a very deep slopes,

Didn’t even know they drowned me,

When I came so far, I realized that a lot has changed now,

All the codes of my existence are lost somewhere,

I stand alone on the shore and they are all swept away,

I have tried my best, now I have accepted it. Now I am back ..

I have come with a truth which will never change…

That I came from the imagination and lost in reality

Ā©ļø Aarzu_words


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