This poem and artwork is for the dear friend Saba.. Thank you so much dear friend for your appreciation and support for me 🤗

There is a story of a moon in a cluster of stars,

There is a unique girl that is favorite of every heart,

Sometimes she lights in the dark,

Sometimes she makes the atmosphere beautiful all around,

Sometimes peers play around her,

Sometimes in silence, in the sea of conscience she keeps picking pearls of words,

As if painted in every color is the moon-like girl who is really the Saba (lovely breez)


©️ Aarzu_words

16 Replies to “Moon-Like”

  1. What would I say
    How would I say
    When words hide behind the veil
    A big honour for me
    To have you my friend
    My prayers and love
    Shall Always cover you
    In cold and hot
    The spring of blessings
    Shall always accompany you
    And may I find my way
    As beautiful as you described
    May Allah forgive me
    And make me as worthy
    As your beautiful words
    A bunch of gratitude
    Adorned with the pearls of blessings
    Sending you with all my love

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    1. You’re worthy sweetheart.. 💕
      May Allah fulfill your dreams, your words, your every good deeds..❣️ They all can be the reason of light and happiness for the world… Take very good care of yourself, your dreams and desires, they will be the best example and role model for your followers..
      Inn Shaa Allah 💖💕💖

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