From My Art Gallery

I read you word by word,

You were the most difficult curriculum of my life,

All your questions were unanswered,

All references of you were a deep secret,

What were you?

Why were you in the aspects of my life?

All the reasons were tangled,

I don’t know why this feeling happens now,

If you didn’t meet me, 

Ever I hopeful for the happiness,

Or always I feel sad,

As I am now after you went

©️ Aarzu_words

21 Replies to “CONFUSION OF HEART”

  1. Aarzu, thanks sincerely to following me. Your post is really commendable ,heart always remains confused, it knows love only , it doesn’t analyse who is giving what to us. thnks again

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  2. I was the moment passing by your heart
    But instead of living once
    Your heart caught me
    Captivated within me
    It started watering me to grow stronger
    But, remember
    I shall remain what I am
    Just a moment I am
    For living once only
    Don’t you know that, do you?

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