Yes I’m Single

The bitterness of coffee is mixed in my tone Yeah, now the effect is somewhat diminished. In the busy, speedy life No one is waiting, Yes i am single

Those night and day’s stories Have become meaningless. In tangled, tangled thoughts. No one passing now, Yes i am single

The sounds of those unintentional laughter have been drowned out. In the phone rings, Now no one is waiting, Yes i am single

By listening to the walls. There is nothing to listen too. In these instruments of words, There is no melody anymore, Yes i am single

Even the habit of waiting. Now finished by heart. In the paths of this passion There is no oasis anymore, Yes i am single

In the windows of feeling. Now the desolation remains. On the threshold of silence, There is no such thing as faith, Yes i am single

And then this story’s colour changed. At this point the story happened the end. Burning in the sun The whole shadow of memories, The echo of the requests wrapping around the feet, There are no signs of forgetting anything, Yes i am single

To whom kept in the heart. Now, gone unaware of him. Since when the conversation ended, Then I don’t talk to anyone, Yes i am single

©️ Aarzu_words


54 Replies to “Yes I’m Single”

  1. My dear, enjoy your life without waiting for anyone, today it will go and tomorrow it will go and joy will pass ….. and life is short … take care of yourself. The rest does not matter

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