Vincent Ehindro Blogger Award 1

This is the immense pleasure that I have received my first Vincent Ehindro Blogger Award nominated by thebibliophilewriter.. I’m so much grateful and humbled for this award.. Friends this blog is amazing you must will be find wonderful articles in various topics so, do visit this site


Rules are almost same

Questions And Answers

  • What’s the last movie that you watched?
  • No one
  • What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?
  • Rainy season is the best part of my life, during rain I sit in front of the window and feel the melodies of rain drops
  • What are you doing to beat the lockdown blues?
  • More prayers and staying hopeful
  • How long can you go without using your phone?
  • Can’t calculate these timings
  • What do you most value in your friends?
  • Respect
  • Do you have any fictional character?
  • No one
  • Winter or Summer?
  • Winters
  • What is love, in your point of view?
  • Love is a beautiful gift from Lord so, keep sharing it with its original values
  • What is your favourite movie or TV show?
  • No one, I don’t watch TV so much
  • If you could time travel, where (when) would you go?
  • Memories never end, we can go back to sweet memories whenever we want, there are so many memories in life where we would like to go

Thank you all for reading my words and visiting my blog

Aarzu ❣️

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