Why a mysterious regret remains?

Irritated all the time

In the mirage of this world, why does this soul keep wandering?

In those who realize, often human himself is rare

But, still don’t know why the hope is enlightening

Whenever there is loneliness

The heart starts burning in sorrow

We often fire the lamps of feelings

Then our hope connects to the Lord

May be any ray shines

And erased all darkness, which often shattered in to the depths of the heart

We all keep our expectations hide in the heart

Often in the moment of loneliness, they are just decorated in the eyes

©️ Aarzu_words

16 Replies to “HOPE”

    1. Such a wonderful introduction of me and my blog, thank you so much for an amazing appreciation from your side, 😇
      really I’m humbled and grateful… ❣️🙏❣️
      Just loved your answers 💖 you described each of them in a very beautiful way.. 🙂
      Keep writing
      keep shining.. ❣️💖❣️


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