Continuation of the glory of the world, The destination of all believers, This land of all happiness in the world is the center of light

Here is the holy house of the Lord which is the only support for all of us

The land of Mecca is the cradle of light from the existence of Adam to the arrival of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) from one corner of the world to the last corner.. The Lord made this region valid to..

The pure circumambulation of your (Lord) home has been given as a gift to every Muslim, the level of happiness, the level of worship.. May Allah grant us such a fortune, May we be thankful for all your blessings. May we look at your Kabah every moment, May Allah our eyes be given that light of abundance… Ameen

The center of the springs is the view of the lights,The city of Madinah is like a reference to heaven, This city of Madinah is to belongs to the Mohsen of humanity, He came when humanity was wandering in the darkness and now the treasure of happiness and kindness is distributing everywhere

Even the dust of there is respectable, This is the path of the Messenger of Allah, very special, very lucky. This dust has been touched by their soles

Have a look at us, Sir(Prophet) everyone is waiting for your call, sitting down in your steps, The state of the heart is to be told, The dust of the city of Madinah is to be touched with eyes, Sitting under the shadow of Green Dome, to be lost in your imagination

©️ Aarzu_words

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