I wish to place peace in everyone’s heart

Against every violence of this fake world

I wish to place dreams in everyone’s eyes

Against every bitter reality of life

I wish to place satisfaction in everyone’s life

Against every regret of heart

I wish to place happiness in the world

Against every obstacle of smiles

I wish to place hopes in everyone’s mind

Against every disappointment of luck

I wish to place strength in everyone’s intensions

Against every imagination of sins

I wish to place gratitude in everyone’s expressions

Against every ingratitude of blessings

I wish to place love in everyone’s thoughts

Against every cruelty of humanity

I wish to place honesty in everyone’s efforts

Against every corruption of duties

I wish to place kindness in everyone’s hands

Against every show offs of sympathy

I wish to place prayers in everyone’s desires

Against every anxiety of soul

I wish to place healing in everyone’s wound

Against every hurt of life

©️ Aarzu_words

Ramadan Mubarak to all  humans and the muslims… This is the holy month of blessings and happiness peace and prosperity for all the humanity.. This is the special gift of Almighty Allah and we all are pleased and grateful.. May Allah accept our prayers.. Ameen 🌺

20 Replies to “🌜RAMADAN WISH🌛”

  1. Very nice words Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world! I prayed for all the people who are battling diseases, I pray for the safety of our children, I pray for all the small business to move forward, and I pray for all my family and friends. May Allah grant all my wishes as well as yours.

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