“Your Fragrance”

Let me, live in the feeling that you ever met me

On the forked paths I and you walked ever

In the harsh sunshine of life those shadowy moments, away from the miles we lived together

Today, he is not with me but the magic of his voice remains

Now, I’m not looking for anymore

Now, I’m no longer searching for any way

Now, I have tied myself with his feeling

Now, I have separated my heart and existence from all the colors and smells of the era

Because, your dress fragrance is scattered around me


8 Replies to ““Your Fragrance””

  1. Love the emotions of your words & the artwork. You may want to add the tags, the wordpress way (rather than the way they are used on Insta & Twitter) in order to reach out to other potential readers. Google up “how to add tags on WordPress” & click on Tags – Support – WordPress. com to get a better understanding of the same. In case you need any further assistance, please feel free to reach out to me.

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