Pictorial Story

In life, some sentences, some words, some moments are left forever, then when time repeats these words, all those sentences in the curtains of memories, they come across as if it was just a matter of tomorrow

This artwork reflects a similar story. I remember when one day I was having a conversation about salsa dance with a very own stranger. Although the conversation was not long, it was very impactful and memorable

Dance and salsa dance are not a particularly important part of our society, but are sometimes considered important in many events, even though all conversations were imaginary but were memorable

One day, my artwork dealer asked me to create a dancing art piece because this kind of artwork is very fascinating and in demand. Then, I suddenly remembered that evening’s conversation and I started painting

I tried to make this style of dance very colorful and full, tried to make those moments very bright once again, which were hidden somewhere in the dust of time. I’m very happy and thankful that my effort was appreciated greatly

This image tells the story that there are some people in the life whose words, whose companionship can never be forgotten, their words and their style are as deep and attractive as the colors of this picture


#story #memories #blogging #portrait #myartwork 🎨

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