That evening was a bit sad, time seemed too burdensome. I was walking in the park for a long time all the people in the park were busy with their activities, some were walking, some were talking, someone was sitting on the bench for rest. I was tired of the continuously walk as well, so I sat on the bench for a little rest.

The kids were busy playing their games in front of me, but don’t know why I didn’t feel good with any scene today even though the weather was pleasant today, the going winter and coming spring always made a good impression on nature but now this season used to depress my soul.

Long ago, it was such a fragrant morning, when in the silence of my heart the sound of a stranger’s footsteps emerged on the ground of my soul, he was stranger but not so much, I often felt the echoes of his arrival.

And then that day he came and then all the moments were colorful, after that we spent many moments together and what a wonderful life despite the miles, laughing together, sad together, time was passing and then one day time has passed away and we were not there as we were before.

The walls of the heart are shattered when all those memories are brighten in the windows of mind.

Today when I’m alone, I wonder why that day of February 3 came in to my life, I was alone before am still today, what has changed in my life?

Even after a long time, the sound of this stranger’s footsteps still resonates in my ears. Even today I’m still alive in the bright morning moment of February 3 that shared my loneliness to leave me alone forever. Don’t know where he’ll be? With whom will be? Will he even remember February 3?

My eyes were blurred as I recalled the past, the kids were gone and I returned from a trip of February 3, now there was a cool breeze around me that surrounded my existence and a familiar voice was whispering in my ears… “TAKE CARE OF YOU” ❤️❣️❤️


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