Walking With The Shadow

I’m alone and smiling

I know this is the art of life

I’m walking with the shadow

Shadow of my dreams and hopes

But this is the part of life

I’m sitting on the side of river

I’m thinking about my childhood

I’m thinking about my friends

Yeah this is the charm of life

I’m listening my heartbeat

I’m listening the echos of distances

I’m there with the real feelings

So, this is the lesson of life

I’m calling my memories

I’m calling my oldies

I’m exactly with my past

Surely this is the treasure of life

I’m waiting for my future

I’m waiting for my destiny

I’m sure something is around me

Indeed, this is the magic of life

I’m seeking the fact

I’m seeking the soul mate

I feel someone is away to me

Yes, this is the reality of life

I’m running like horse

I’m running behind my world

My world is shattering in the imagination

But, i will find my world

This is tough but, this is the task of life


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