Love Story

Life is a game, a game of lost and win we all are trying to just play the game of life 
So many people come to life sometimes with reason and sometimes without reason but more often we ignore the reason and sometimes they become essential in our lives 
I saw a tree strong long and green tree full of leaves and fruits with peaceful shade and beautiful posture 
One day a guy came and sat in a tree shade the tree was very happy with a man and he was very nice and humble with a tree they were talking with each other and listen to each other later became a strong bond between both of them they were very happy and satisfied 
Tree was alone and he was stranger, a mystery stranger tree has many times expressed their feelings that was about love and care but he laughed every time tree was thinking maybe this is his style he definitely likes me so much as well
Relation between them was getting stronger day by day tree was needed him and his companionship and was told him all as well
Then suddenly he got busy and start ignoring tree no talk, no laugh, no hello and do not ask for anything 
Tree was very sad and alone without him but now he didn’t want the shade of tree anymore 
It is painful for the tree but it’s just helpless situation tree fell in love with him but never said him because the man was not feeling like that and that was the reason of destroying the tree and its beauty 
The man was important for the tree but man was thinking its just a tree and a source of shade nothing else its beautiful but i can’t own for the life time so just forget it and go away world is so vast with so many chances and i want to conquer all in my life 
Then man is going busy in the world with his destination and left the tree but the situation had changed now, there is no leaf, no fruit, no flowers and even no shade in the tree just a tree, a body without soul 
But heart will never mind today and everyday tree is praying for him and he has forgotten the poor tree and its beauty that’s the story of love perhaps, that’s the story of pain and the pain of love….

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