Rain Of Memories

It was continously raining last night that was not ready to stop. It was seems that, the whole ocean will be flowed tonight. There was also an increase in the burden of heart with rain. All the tears had freezed in the eyes like fog of ocean. Outsides darkness and water of rain were causing a deep silence in the moments of life. There was no light in the life. Heart and soul were cleansed by tears like rain. Long time ago when heart was beating, hopeful eyes and silent lips were there with dreams. When rain and it’s droplets were the reason of happiness for heart. But now there was no feelings in the heart like that don’t know why.. It’s 3 am now, there was so much darkness in outside. I saw the view of outside, it was so strange. I felt that every tree, every flower and blossom are crying. I thought may be that they have broken hearts. But, the question is how can it’s possible without heart.
There was silence reigning at the road full of water and darkness it was showing that no one was there on this road like the silence of my heart, where someone has gone now without say anything that, where he is going…? This night is so long why…? Just like my waiting noise of the rain water, moon and stars all the reasons of light were hidden and slept. Sudden I opened the light of room for some light in deep darkness of room, all the memories and talks, all the stories were bright in mind so, I closed the button of lamp again but the mind reversed to those memories where I lived my whole life when life is mine..
Because of rain, night was so silent light, dreams, hopes and all it’s reasons almost vanished from life all were silent like pin dropped silent, enough silence which was never there. There was no morning rush to get. I opened my old diary. All the pictures fell to down and saying all about the old memories laughters, hopes, prayers and mix sentences started vibrate around me and saying all about those days memories again in which there were a lot of happiness and it’s countless moments were secured. Almost it’s 4 o clock morning will be rised shortly but it feels that night is now starting, wait is now starting. That part of night when all the lamp of hopes had illuminated in the heart. Perhaps, I shall hear his voice again. The whole night had passed with this hope, eyes filled with tears. Rain had been stopped outside but, heart was in full of burden.
Suddenly heart got upset. Every writing was reminding me so many things that they all are still waiting for his eyes to read all which all are because of him. Every word is still waiting for his finger tips for touching once. The room was dark again glow warm of his memories was shining which are the treasure of my life. All the perspective of this night are connected with the every moment of my life, all the droplets of this rain mingled with my tears. Now there is no more reference in life for searching.. Now there is no more track for walking desperately.. But now, I have just rain, silent and darkness are there around me and nothing else.. He is still unaware from every unspoken feelings, it will be dawn in a few moment Azan is calling and feels that life is still there..
Room was brightened once again may be electricity has come back. The old diary was in my hands it was embracing all the fragrance of the moments of past. Pictures spreaded down and they looks still new and fresh same as the first time, I collected all the pictures and was again put in the diary. Azan was calling from nearby of home and rain had almost stopped, people were coming out for prayers to mosque. I committed wazu and ready for namaz. The voice of azan was giving satisfaction and comfort to heart. Fog and confinement should be cleared it will be better for heart, memories are the reason of tears in the eyes like fog it should be rained by the eyes for relaxing the heart. It will be sun rises shortly, people will be busy in their daily life. All the memories were there with me, they are the shadow and they are being there with me in every moment and it’s fragrant will be there with me all the time. Sun has been rises and everything is cleared and bright but the droplets of last night’s rain are still there on the trees and on it’s leafs same as my memories of life..