It was cool breezy morning

It was February

I was upset and sad

I remember, i was like a dead

I had no glimpse of happiness

I had no vision of brightness

Then suddenly,

My phone rang

I received a message

Like i received a bliss

He was not only a person

He was hope

He was light

He was pleasure

I drowned, I emerged

In the depth of his heart

I knew him

I surprised

I loved

I admired

He was like a floral

I opened him layer to layer

I searched him year to year

I talked with him

I laughed with him

I spent the magical time with him

And then, I fell in love

I fell in love with him

I bought cufflinks for him

I told him, He laughed and left

He said to me

Keep them as my symbolic presence..


© Aarzu_words

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